Bellflower Ticks

Bellflower Pest Control in California offers a variety of services to treat common pests including ticks. There are two main types of Bellflower ticks; hard and soft. Hard ones are often found in the woods and soft ticks on birds and other animals. The soft ticks are often those that end up on our pets and us.

bellflower tick control

Seek effective Bellflower tick control solutions right away if you suspect an infestation on your property.

There are around 200 different tick species in the States alone. They can live up to 200 days without water or food and depending upon the species of tick they can live anywhere from two months to two years. The most common types of Bellflower ticks are:

• Brown Dog Ticks
• Western Black Legged Tick
• American Dog Tick
• Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
• Pacific Coast Tick

Luckily, Bellflower Pest Control is here to help you get rid of a tick infestation or prevent one from occurring. Bellflower ticks are known to spread Lyme disease and some cases can be severe in humans.

Treating ticks is what our techs here at Bellflower Pest Control can do for you. You can spend money on treatments found in-store but they won’t always work 100%. Our treatments are affordable and we guarantee our services so you have nothing to lose. Call us at 562-485-6122 before you spend another dime on Bellflower tick treatment for your home. Bellflower Pest Control can get rid of them the first time.

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