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Termites are among the hardest pests to eradicate. They aren’t a pest that can be eliminated using do-it-yourself pest control. If you think you have termites, we’re right here to help.


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There are numerous kinds of termites that live in the Bellflower area.The most widespread termites in the region are subterranean and drywood and also the Formosan. The type of termite would determine what sort of danger is posed to your house.


Termites are usually able to create significant damage to your home since they’re good at going undetected. The best way that you may have the opportunity to find your termites is to uncover termite feces. Termite feces is quite obvious in the way it appears, normally appearing in small narrow lines sometimes going up exterior walls.


If you locate holes in your wood with particles in the top end and look something like tubs of mud, then you should contact a termite control of Bellflower professional at 562-485-6122 as soon as possible.. If you believe you might have a termite problem in your home or business you need to give us a call to schedule your no-hassle termite inspection. Every single day you wait is more damage that these termites are causing.


Proper removal of termites is best best when done by an experienced professional. While some pest problems can be treated on a do-it-yourself basis, Termites are not one of those types of problems. Contact Bellflower Pest Control today at 562-485-6122 to make sure that our Bellflower termite control professionals are working to prevent serious damage to your home or business.

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