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As you’re probably aware, rodents, commonly mice and rats, are a common issue in Bellflower, CA. Mice and rats are are known for getting into homes and building big families. You need to get rid of them prior to this happening.

We understand that having mice and rats in your home can be unhealthy. Others may assume things about your lifestyle by looking at your mice and rats.

bellflower rodent control

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Rodent Removal Professionals

Rats and mice usually like to remain hidden where people won’t stumble upon them. Few individuals attempt to capture and get rid of their mice and rats themselves. You can give this a shot, however, we get that most people don’t have the time to deal with the hassles and are disgusted at the thought of picking up the dead ones.

In the chance that you do notice them, the odds of more hiding in other areas of your home are quite high, though you shouldn’t get upset. Just because you’ve found a mouse doesn’t mean it’s your wrong doing. Creatures like rats are excellent at creeping into tiny areas, crevices, and cracks. The top notch techniques to ensure you don’t have them invade your house are to comb over the entire place to locate where they might be gaining entry to the inside of the home. This can include areas around windows, doors, crawlspaces and basements. Just make certain you consider that a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel and rats through a hole the size of a quarter. Be certain to seal all holes up. Our professionals can also look to see where they are entering the house when we come investigate your current rodent problem.

Our specialists will take great care of your problems with rats and mice in a professional fashion. Our exterminators will visit your home to evaluate your specific circumstances, and then chart out the best course of action for their removal. Don’t wait; call us at 562-485-6122,today!

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