Bellflower Flies

There are a variety of fly problems you might be experiencing in Bellflower, California and the surrounding areas. Flies are associated with more than 100 pathogens including Shigella, Staph, and Salmonella. Such pathogens can actually cause health problems for us and for animals, including:

• Hepatitis
• Cholera
• Infantile Diarrhea
• Ophthalmia
• Bacillary Dysentary

bellflower fly control

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In order for us to treat the Bellflower flies invading your home we will first identify the type of fly. This includes bottle flies, gnats, house fly, drain fly, fruit flies and blow files. No matter what type of fly issue you are having we know they can be quite the nuisance and it is our job to remove the issue for you.

It’s important to take care of a fly problem right away, especially if you have several as they spread diseases quickly by moving from rotting garbage to our own exposed food and eating supplies.

Some Bellflower flies will bite; mostly found along the coast. Also known as sand flies. When it comes to determining what kind of Bellflower flies are invading your home it can be tricky. This is where our experts at Bellflower Pest Control come in. With such a wide variety of Bellflower flies it is best to leave the identification process to our professionals.

If you see tiny flies located near sugary food or drink it’s possible it is a fruit fly. Blow and bottle Bellflower flies are often larger and fly slow in comparison to a house fly. Gnats are very small in size but pose an unhealthy risk to humans and reproduce and populate areas in groups. They typically feed on insects, blood and plants.

If you are having an issue with Bellflower flies give us a call today. We can determine the type of fly and what kind of treatment you need to completely remove them. Call Bellflower Pest Control at 562-485-6122 today to schedule your service!

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