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If you are here then you are very likely interested in pest control services for a specific insect or perhaps a collection of pests. In any event, we have got you covered! We’ve been sheltering Bellflower, CA companies and homes from uninvited, and at times risky, pests and know what is effective. Not every property or home will have the very same problem with pests and that is why no property is treated the same where our services are concerned. Regardless of what pest is infiltrating your place, we’re here to remedy the challenge for you.


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Welcome to Bellflower Pest Control – where all your pest needs are met!

The Typical Bellflower Pests

There are numerous pests we will treat and methods intended to protect against pests from entering yet again later on. When it comes to rats and mice, individuals will usually try a DIY option before calling in a qualified professional. The benefit of making use of our rodent control services is that we can help determine where they are coming in from. Several home owners don’t realize that this is certainly an effective way of controlling pest problems. Rodents certainly are a pest you need to take action against promptly; otherwise they could start a family and breed fast, making their invasion that much worse. Such locations can be your attic and right behind your walls.


Roaches are a difficult pest because they’re not necessarily effortless to stop. Cockroaches alter to their environment so it is not like they will not live in particular places; they can. Bed bugs, another pest that’s been gracing Bellflower residents with its presence, may very well be more costly to eliminate. The reason behind a greater price for bed bug removal is because of the treatment process as well as how promptly they are able to spread. Just because you observed them in just one room, doesn’t imply that they haven’t yet traveled into a nearby room without you seeing.


Unwanted Insects Don’t Have a Chance

When you choose Bellflower Pest Control you can quit being worried about pest invasions and allow us to tackle them. Before you commit to a treatment solution we will happily explain how our treatment works and present an exact fee, where applicable, in advance of booking your visit. Furthermore, pest inspections will generally help identify any active or potential pest issues in a residence and our inspectors are some of the finest in the industry. Do not hesitate to call 562-485-6122 if you have concerns of any kind.

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